Why You Should Choose Vantrue Element 1 as Your Dashcam

In this advanced technology era, dashboard cameras or dashcams have an important role for private vehicles. It no longer functions as a sweetener in the car, but there is a main function that records all activities and events while we are driving. Moreover, by using a dashcam, vehicle owners can use the recording from this dashcam as evidence if something happens on the highway, such as in the event of an accident or other criminal acts that may occur.

This device does have a vital function as an additional safety feature when driving. Generally, this dashboard camera is placed on the windshield of the car and is in charge of recording everything that happens when the car is driving on the highway.

But actually, there are several types of dashcams available today. Starting from the front facing, car interior, to those that have two channels, namely front and rear. The way it works is the same as a CCTV camera, which always records while it’s still on and will be saved to a memory card.

One of the newest released product, there is one featured product form Vantrue that is Element 1. So, why should you choose Vantrue, especially Element 1 as the dashcam for your ride? Here’s the review.

An iF Design Award 2022 Winner Product

With several important roles of the dashboard camera (dashcam) that mentioned above, of course you are thinking, which product should you choose? There are various products from many brands, but one of the best is of course Vantrue Element 1, which has just been released but has already won an award by iF Design Award 2022.

Vantrue is a well-known dashcam brand with the No. 1 seller on Amazon.de and Amazon.us last year, of course, it is one thing that proves Vantrue is one of the best dashcam brand.

What Makes Vantrue Element 1 Superior?

As a new product, Vantrue Element 1 has several superior features compared to other products. Those features such as

  • A Tiny Dashcam

With the mini and compact design, it will never obstruct your road-vision while driving.

  • Super Night Vision

It able to capture more detailed image with ultra-low light condition, such as night time.

  • Voice Control

Element 1 has voice control feature to help you use this device easier with hands-free commands in multiple languages.

  • Loop Recording

​Loop recording makes the dash cam overwrite the oldest videos when the SD card is full. This way, the dash cam can continue working. The built-in G-sensor automatically locks important videos to the Event File to prevent them from being overwritten.

  • APP Control & WiFi connect

It’s easier to control the device by connecting it to your mobile device.

  • GPS Tracking & Recording

You can track your vehicle route and easier to play back the recorded file from your phone or computer as it can connect to other device easily.

And there are more excellent features from Vantrue Element 1, you can visit https://www.vantrue.us for more information about the features of Vantrue Element 1.